What is Prescription Drug Plan (Part D)?

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What does Part D cover?

Part D pays for outpatient prescription drugs
— in other words, medicine you take yourself. (If you receive chemotherapy, dialysis or other medicines that are injected or given intravenously at a doctor’s office or outpatient facility, Medicare Part B covers most of those.) However, Part D does cover some self-injected medicines, such as insulin for diabetes as well as some vaccinations

What doesn’t Part D cover?

Part D does not pay for over-the-counter medications, such as cough syrup or antacids.
It also doesn’t cover some prescription drugs, such as drugs used to help grow hair, medicines to help you gain or lose weight, or prescription vitamins.

Does Part D cover brand-name and generic drugs?

Yes. But most plans charge higher cost-sharing for brand-name drugs. In addition, each individual Part D plan has its own list of the drugs it covers and charges cost-sharing that varies by drug and sometimes even by where you fill your prescription.

Are all Part D Plans the Same?

No! Companies can pick different drugs to make up their formularies and prices vary. Even Drug Tiers can change from company to company. There are other difference as well. That is why it is very important to compare Drug Plans to make sure your particular medication is on the formulary and at the most cost effective price.

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